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About Community Market

Community Market is a vibrant, friendly, online marketplace for all our local talent and independent shops where savvy ethical shoppers can easily access many local treasures. Community Market celebrates and promotes local skills, talents and independent shops. Our aim is to build a connected community where shoppers and traders can meet in a user friendly environment. Together we can make our community shine.

The transaction is online but the relationship between trader and shopper is real.

As a Community Interest company we represent doing what’s best for the community through supporting local and being there for each other. By supporting local diverse businesses to succeed we aim to help our community thrive.

We strive to lead with our guiding principle of making local easy and ethical. Within our market place shoppers can identify the location and ethical standards of the traders and therefore make ethical buying choices.

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About Community Market

What is a Community Interest company?

“A community Interest company (CIC) is a special form of limited company which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose.”

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We are Community Market

Market Traders

Celebrate your talent, put your name to your great creations within a marketplace where you can really get to know your customers and see how your products are enjoyed. Become well known for your skills and talents in your local area. Become a celebrated artist and creator.

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High Street

Revitalise our high streets online by becoming a member of your high street community. Connect with your fellow shop keepers and local shoppers in an online environment, showcase your shops, specialties and unique offerings.

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Want to be an ethical shopper who supports your local shops and traders but life and time challenges get in the way? Join our community of hero shoppers who support our local economy. On Community Market you can browse local and shop securely. Grab your hessian shopping bag and come and explore.

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Market Ethos

Community Market is a collaborative online market where we all (traders and shoppers alike) come together to share talent, treasures, ideas, chat, inspiration, help and to get to know each other. To ensure our market grows and flourishes for the benefit of our local communities we all commit to:

Your shoppers want to learn all about you, your skills, talents and products so do tell them all about yourself. Shopping ethically is a key value of Community Market, so do share where your raw materials are from, any repurposing or recycling and your approximate location, to provide product miles information. Describe your products as clearly, accurately and simply as you can with, if relevant, information about how they were made, your inspiration and what about them you are most proud. If you have your own website please feel free to share the address along with any contact information you are happy to share. Community Market isn’t about making money from your sales, but a place where like minded ethical shoppers, who want to buy local, can easily access you and your treasures.

Due to legal and ethical reasons we cannot support the sales of certain items through the site. These include: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Weapons, Knives, Pornography, Hazardous items such as fireworks

Community Market may be online but it has a very human aspect to it. Within the site there are many opportunities to directly message traders and shoppers, there are online forums where traders can share inspiration, ideas, support and encouragement. As we all know, the written word can often be misconstrued so always consider the receiver of your messages when you write them. To support our ethos of being kind and respectful, the administrators of Community Market may from time to time have to remove certain uploaded chats or conversations that are hurtful and in unfortunate extreme situations suspend people from the site. This would only occur to ensure the ongoing safety and security of all our users.

Our Community Market will thrive more and more when we all do our bit to be a strong representative and advocate for the site. We can achieve this together by consistently providing a great experience and customer service for all our shoppers. We can do this in many different ways such as responding to any shopper enquiries in a timely way, arranging delivery of items within timescales promised, packing our products safely to avoid any transit damage, including a handwritten note within each shopper package thanking them for their support.
...and obviously, as a collaborative market, please share any other ideas you have to make the Community Market shopping experience exceptional.

Our online marketplace will only have the human touch when we do our bit to participate in the market chat forums, offer advice, encouragement and support to new traders, help our shoppers out where we can, share tips and ideas within the community. And please don’t limit your ideas, advice and encouragement to traders, we would love to get all your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to grow, build and improve the site and the services it offers.

As well as sharing ideas and advice, there are many other ways we can collaborate. Do you have any raw materials, tools, items that can be repurposed that are no longer of use to you? Remember, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Offer these out to other traders who may be able to make great use from them.
Also, many independent shops on our high streets prefer to stock and sell locally made and produced items. Therefore, as artisan traders and shop traders alike, make connections to see if you can support each other within our local communities.

Community Market is your local marketplace where our talented North Wales artisans, independent shops and shoppers connect to make buying local easy.

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We are Community market

Our mission is to Make Local Easy

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We are Community Market

We have great local High Street Shops, Market Traders, Shoppers in the community market.

Community Market is your local marketplace where our talented North Wales artisans, independent shops and shoppers connect to make buying local easy.

    Emma & Helen

Community Market Founders

As very good friends who share many interests, a passion for the environment, its sustainability along with deep care for our North Wales communities, we are both incredibly excited to set up and build Community Market CIC.



I’m a married mum of 2 children (21 & 16) living in beautiful Prestatyn, North Wales. I’m an advocate of community spirit and the positive impact it delivers. I love to buy local and truly believe we should celebrate the great talent, services and diversity we have right on our doorstep.



I’m a single mum of 2 lovely kids (biased 😉) ages 14 and 17 and live near Holywell, North Wales. Being an active part of my community has always been important to me. Having run a successful business for nearly 18 years, I really want to roll up my sleeves and help.

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